About Us…


Blodeui began in the Summer of 2020. Like many, my circumstances changed last year and I was left longing for more creative freedom and wanting to tap into my own personal style. I am a great admirer of beautiful interiors and bright vintage textiles and, having worked as a womenswear designer for nearly 10 years, I have a lot of experience working in colour, pattern and fabrications.

Each artwork you see on this website started life as a hand drawing or painting, inspired by the natural forms we find around us. These delicate drawings are then reworked into repeating patterns or greeting card designs. Rather than life-like illustrations, artworks are subtly stylised versions, promoting a fresh, modern twist on hand drawn decorative floral prints.

The Blodeui brand promotes seasonless, high-quality products that are priced fairly. From the outset, I didn’t want to cut corners. All materials have been carefully sourced to ensure the most beautiful hand-feel and visibly natural textures. Textile items are made by myself with the utmost care, here in my little South London studio.

I strive to use only sustainable materials, whether they be organic certified or recycled, to minimise the impact on our planet. I’m also conscious to not over sample, so once the first batch of textile products have sold out, these items will then be made to order. Offcuts are used wherever possible, to reduce waste.

The name Blodeui is inspired by the Welsh word for flower, Blodau. My Grandparents' home in Wales was called Pant Y Blodau, which translates to Valley of Flowers. To confuse you even more, it's pronounced ‘blaw-dye’!

I hope you enjoy exploring the website. If you have any questions please get in touch.

Verity x